Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Plantin' Time!

Hi Everyone! We had a beautiful weekend in the STL. It was way too hot (around 90) for springtime, but it was sunny and beautiful. Ry started feeling a little better so we decided to plant some flowers. She helped me by watering them.

I also cleaned EVERY window in our house. I hate doing it but they look sooo much better. Here is a pic of the front porch after we finished the flowers.
Ry's fever finally broke on Saturday, but Sunday I noticed a rash on her belly, back, neck and face. The doctor thinks on top of the ear infection she has a viral infection. Poor baby! Now let's hope CJ doesn't catch anything!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ear Infections are the Devil!

I think the devil invented ear infections. Who else would think of high fevers and snot so thick you can't get it out even after holding down your 1 year old and torturing her with this thing?

I got a call at work yesterday saying Ry had a fever. In our house, that means only one thing..the dreaded, terrible, awful ear infection! Ry and I are at home today pumping her with amoxicillin and taking temperatures

Yes, that is dried snot under her nose, I wanted you to get the full effect!

This is what she is doing now:

Coloring will make it all better, right?!?


We had a great Easter. Mamaw and Bawpaw came down from Iowa and Uncle Doug flew in from Omaha. It was a short weekend, but we had fun. The nice thing was we didn't have many plans. We just hung out around the house doing some of our favorite things, reading and eating.

Thanks goodness I have pics of reading not eating!

The Easter Bunny left lots of goodies while we were at church:

Hunting Easter Eggs wasn't much fun because it was cold and damp, but CJ had fun!

Ry wasn't into the hunt long enough for pics, but here she is looking adorable (as usual) in her Easter dress and new sunglasses!

We hope you all had a great Easter!

Update: Some more pics courtesy of Uncle Doug.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi all! My first post.....breathe. LOL. I'm nervous and excited!

I decided to start this blog to keep in touch with our family that can't be here everyday. We love you guys! This blog will be all about our crazy kids CJ and Ry and maybe some rants of mine or Greg's from time to time. The blog is perfectly titled as our house is pretty much constant chaos, but filled with kisses for our two cuties.

CJ is 3 almost 4 and always has something entertaining to say!

Ry is 19 months old. She is our sweet and sassy girl. She keeps her big brother in his place!

Ok, boring first post, I know, I know. I promise a more interesting post soon!