Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun in Branson

We just spent a long weekend in Branson courtesy of Pop and Nana! We had so much fun swimming, riding the ducks, sweating at Silver Dollar City and playing mini golf.

The kids thought the ducks were awesome. In case you have no clue what the ducks are this is what they look like:

They go on land and water. Before the ride you get quackers to quack at other "ducks". These are fun on the ducks, but after a weekend of quacking some parents (not us :-) begin to hate the duck people who give these away!
Here is CJ with his quacker:

Ry decided the windy, hot duck ride was the perfect time to nap on Mommy.

The really fun part for kids is once the duck splashes into Table Rock Lake they let the kids drive. Here is Captain CJ:

The kids had a blast at Silver Dollar City on Friday even though the heat index was like 110 and the humidity was around 80% (or more). It was completely miserable. Ry had to have an adult ride with her on most of the rides since she is under 36 inches so, lucky me, I got to squeeze my sweaty self into butterflies and frogs made for 4 year olds!

We had to lie and say Ry was 2 years old so she could ride the bumper boats. She LOVED them! She was giggling and squealing so loud that everyone watching was commenting about her.

On Sunday before we left we took the kids to The Track. They have fun stuff for little kids like rides, mini golf and go-karts. Ry and CJ rode the little ferris wheel they have. Ry insisted on sitting next to CJ so their car was a little heavy on one side.

CJ played mini golf for the first time. He liked it so much we played twice!

I don't have any pics of the kids swimming. They were a little too wild to have my camera out! CJ was so much better in the pool than last year. He even went under water! Guess it's time for swimming lessons!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Celebrations

We had a great weekend! Saturday we celebrated CJ's birthday. We met some of his friends at the "bounce place" and the kids ran around and bounced for almost two hours! They had so much fun. Then we had cake at our house. CJ got a new bike from Mom, Dad and Ry.
He had only one accident but got right back on!
The kids were super excited to give Greg his Fathers Day gifts. I took them a couple weeks ago to a place called the Painted Zebra. I let them pick out what they wanted to paint for Dad and what colors they liked. Here is CJ's:
CJ told Dad the bowl was for his popcorn or ice cream. I would like to say he painted the #1 Dad on the bowl, but his very unartistic Mom did it :-)

Here is Ry's:

She loves to paint. The only problem was when I tried to smooth out her globs of paint, she would scream "no Mommy" REALLY.LOUDLY. Everyone in the place would look at us. Good thing she's so cute!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Up!

I lost a close friend last Friday so sorry I haven't blogged lately. I'm sad and missing my friend so I'm a little preoccupied.

Ok, moving on to brighter things! Yesterday morning Ry decided to help me wake CJ up and I recorded it on my palm. After I recorded it, Ry kept having me play it back for her. CJ came out of his room and said, LOUDLY, I AM GETTING UP! I think he thought she was yelling at him the whole time when I was really playing the video for her!

I want to wish CJ happy birthday early. He will be 4 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Little Man!!


Oh, one more thing. Ry went potty on the big potty this morning. Good job Ry-Ry!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

T-ball Fun?

CJ had his first t-ball practice Saturday with Dad as the team coach. He was soooo not interested which is why my title has a question mark! When he did play he bat the best and threw the furthest. We watched our friends' girls on Saturday so I'm hoping he was just distracted because they were there. I hope! Here are the few pics I got of him helping dad and playing, um, sort of:

(He looks interested huh?!)

Wow! He's touching the ball!
Ry kept wanting to run out on the field with Daddy. Instead she helped handout uniforms to the team.
CJ was the only kid who didn't want to put his new t-shirt and hat on. Lord help me!! Go Tiny Tots Red Sox!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mmmm Peaches

G had softball last night so the kids and I were on our own. After I picked them up we stopped by the produce stand and bought some peaches and apples. CJ couldn't wait to get inside to eat his peach so they both had their peach outside.
No, I didn't tell them to eat in the mulch, CJ just decided to hang out there, and of course his sister had to be right by him. I couldn't get Ry to put down the peach.

This is all that was left of CJ's.:

Do you think he liked it??

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You know summer is almost here when...

the kids eat push pops on the front porch!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

I wanted to post just so I could add this pic:

Isn't that hilarious!? Greg was grilling our dinner and Ry couldn't decide if she wanted to be on the deck with daddy or inside with mommy. This is her kissing me through the glass door! Too cute.

We have no idea why, but while we were eating our electric went out. To waste time Ry helped dad wash his car

and cut the grass

Ok, she really wasn't cutting the grass, just testing out the comfy seat!

CJ was with Pop last night and missed our time "roughing it". Thank goodness or I would have had to answer 500 times why I can't turn on the lights or tv for him! I don't have pics of him from last night but I took this hilarious pic of him in the car this weekend:

It's not the best pic, but it cracks me up. I can't tell if he's sleepy or deep in thought.
Oh, our electric came back on around 8 so we didn't have to rough it long!