Monday, October 26, 2009

Have you seen our kids?



Hi everyone! We finally got around to carving our "punkins" this weekend. When I say WE I mean me and Greg! Of course the kids were totally uninterested. CJ said the "punkin guts" were gross and when I tried to get Ry to help me clean out the pumpkin she said "no, I no yike it". We affectionately named our pumpkins Mr. and Mrs. Punkinhead. Here is my failed attempt at a picture of the kids with our new family members:

Notice Mr. Punkinhead is bald? Well CJ and Greg decided he needed a toupe:

Thanks Ry for turning your back at just the right time!
We are so excited for this week! We have the daycare Halloween party on Thursday night, trick or treating on Main Street with some friends Saturday morning and then trick or treating in the neighborhood on Saturday night. Here's hoping for good weather!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scrub a Dub-Dub

Remember the pretty hats I posted about a couple weeks ago? We finally got our order in the mail Friday! Here is Ry modeling her new hat:

And headband:

We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Saturday we made Christmas cookies. Yes, I said CHRISTMAS cookies. I had my Christmas in October stamp camp on Sunday so we rolled out the dough and cut out snowmen, Christmas trees and santas. We even dyed the santa dough red. Which made Ryleigh not so sure about eating them. She kept saying they were play-doh. LOL.

Besides the stamp camp on Sunday we had a pretty uneventful weekend. Ry and I needed some girl time last night so we did facials together. Here is Ry's before picture which includes reminents of red santa cookie on her face:

Scrub a dub-dub:

And the result - Ry with glowing skin (but not real happy she had to stop playing in the soap and water):

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fighting Fires

Last night when I was making dinner I heard lots of "sirens" in the living room from our two fire trucks. I could hear them putting out fires. When I went in to check on them, this is what I found:

They were "firefighters in their hats and boots".


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr. CJ's Special Day

Greg and I thought CJ needed a day by himself with us. He hasn't had a day with just Mom and Dad since Ry was born over two years ago! We knew just the place to take him. The Museum of Tranportation - trains, trains and more trains! We went there last year and he loved it. Since his train obsession doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon we knew that was the place for his special day!

We had so much fun. Not only did we get to have fun on the trains, but they also had a fire truck exhibit. I think fire trucks would be his second love, after trains of course. We got to ride up in a boom which was so fun!! Here we are getting ready to go up:

And the awesome view from the top:

We were there almost four hours. When we were ready to go Dad went to get the car and CJ and I rode the train one last time. I took this pic of us. CJ thought it was funny that I cut off his nose and I was amazed at how many freckles I have!! Seriously, that's not good!

Then we rode the Metrolink to the Amtrak station downtown. I get a free Metro pass through my work and kids under 13 are free so it cost us $4.50 for Greg to ride. That was the best $4.50 we ever spent. CJ loved it. Here he is before his first ride:

We didn't get to see much at the Amtrak station since they are more particular about boarding passes than in the past. So we hopped back on the Metro to go to lunch. By this time we were all starving and sleepy. CJ fell asleep on my arm on the ride back. We went to Red Robin for lunch and then went shopping for CJ's Halloween costume. We found it and then headed to our last stop - Target, where he got Connect Four and Uno.

We ended the night with popcorn for dinner (yikes!) and a game of Uno. At one point our very funny son said, maybe next time we can play "dos". Ah, our little comedian!!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Fun

I love fall. Cool mornings, pretty trees and any food or drink with pumpkin! Friday night the boys decided a football game was more fun than making pumpkin bread so Ry and I were on our own.

She was a big helper. She dumped everything in the bowl for me. She was surprised that licking the beater from pumpkin bread wasn't as good as chocolate chip cookies! She took one lick and said "here Mommy, I done". LOL.
Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch. The farm we visited takes you to the pumpkin fields on a really bumpy wagon ride!

This is the best picture we could get with both of the kids and the pumpkins. The dirt was more exciting than picture taking!

And yes, these pumpkins are HUGE! One of them weighed 30 lbs!!
Sunday we helped Dad in the yard and played on the swingset.

Oh and Mom forced us to smile for MORE pictures!

Have a good week!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cute Hats, Good Cause

I just bought Ry a couple hats from the BriarClaire site on Etsy. These hats and headbands are hand crocheted. The clips are interchangable. I can't wait to get my order! For the month of October for every hat sold she is donating a hat to a children's hospital for kids with cancer. Take a look at her site . She has great stuff!
We're hoping this weekend to take the kids to the pumpkin patch. I'm so excited for fall. Dinner tonight is chili and cornbread and after dinner the kids are helping me make pumpkin bread. Yum!