Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Fun

I love fall. Cool mornings, pretty trees and any food or drink with pumpkin! Friday night the boys decided a football game was more fun than making pumpkin bread so Ry and I were on our own.

She was a big helper. She dumped everything in the bowl for me. She was surprised that licking the beater from pumpkin bread wasn't as good as chocolate chip cookies! She took one lick and said "here Mommy, I done". LOL.
Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch. The farm we visited takes you to the pumpkin fields on a really bumpy wagon ride!

This is the best picture we could get with both of the kids and the pumpkins. The dirt was more exciting than picture taking!

And yes, these pumpkins are HUGE! One of them weighed 30 lbs!!
Sunday we helped Dad in the yard and played on the swingset.

Oh and Mom forced us to smile for MORE pictures!

Have a good week!

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