Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the holiday weekend in Iowa with G's family. We had a great time! CJ had such a good time he decided to stay! He is spending the week with Mamaw and Bapaw and then he is camping his way home. I guess he thought they needed help with the new camper!

The weather wasn't so great so I don't have many pics until Sunday when it cleared up and we played in the backyard and at the park. CJ wanted to play football, which to him means attempting to tackle Dad.

This is where the tackling got him:

Ry had a blast at the park. Some big kid pushed her and told her to get out of the way which forced me to go all mean mama bear on him! We did get one decent family pic.

We got home last night around 5:00 with one less child. The child who did come home with us keeps asking for "bubby" and "Uh-Duck" (Uncle Doug).

We hope you all had a great holiday weekend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Corny Girl

We had corn on the cob last night. Ry loves her some corn on the cob.

It's fun to eat and oh so good! So good she wanted to save some for later!
(I just realized that almost every post is Ry sitting in her toddler seat eating! I'll try to branch out a little next time :-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pizza Picassos

G plays softball every Thursday night so we try to do something fun with dinner on those nights. Last night we made mini pizzas. CJ loves helping me in the kitchen. He was all for making his pizza.

Ry was more interested in eating the cheese than putting it on her pizza.

We got them in the toaster oven (I ended up making Ry's as she was too busy scarfing down mozzarella). CJ obviously enjoyed his.

Ry refused to eat her pizza. And I annoyed her with my "please eat one bite" over and over.

The next fun thing we were going to do was make cookies. I got all of our ingredients ready only to realize we had no eggs. I then proceeded to listen to Mr. CJ whine and complain for 20 minutes that he WANTED TO MAKE COOKIES!! Ok CJ, let Mom run out to the chicken coop in the backyard and we can continue as YOU want. :-) Needless to say the Johnson house was cookie-LESS last night!
TGIF everyone!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slow Down

I just realized Ry is 20 months old today. Slow down, little girl, slow down. It seems like we just brought her home and started adjusting to having two little ones.
CJ will be 4 years old in a little over a month. I wish they could stay little. I know they can't so I take any little cuddle or snuggle I can get from them right now.
Why does time have to go so fast?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tiny Piggies with Love

Hi all! Ry's hair is finally starting to grow so I attempted to put it in tiny pigtails yesterday. She hates the elastic bands so I used little butterfly clips. It took about 20 minutes, MANY m&m's and lots of playing in the bathroom sink to get the job done. Here is our outcome:
She kept them in all of about 15 minutes but she sure looked cute!

I had a great Mothers Day. CJ made me a the greatest gift ever at school:

It's hard read so here is what it says:
My mom is 15 years old.
My mom is the prettiest when she puts on dresses.
My mom likes to make cookies.
My mom always says to do something and I do it. (Nice try CJ!)
My mom is funny when she makes funny faces.

Thanks to my great husband and cute little kiddos for all you did for me! Everyday is my special day with you three!


Thursday, May 7, 2009


I should first translate the title of this post. Da-dart would be pop-tart in Ry talk. Our kids live for pop-tarts. This morning when CJ wouldn't get out of bed Ry screamed upstairs to him, "Bubby, Da-Darts!!!". He finally came down only to argue that no, this week he wasn't in love with cherry pop-tarts, but chocolate. Which of course, we didn't buy this week. He finally settled on half the chocolate pop-tart I found in the pantry.

The best alternative for our kids, who change their minds constantly on which pop-tart is the best, would be a variety pack. But most of the variety packs I have found don't include chocolate FROSTED pop-tarts. It's all a big pop-tart conspiracy!!

Ry hopes you enjoy your day as much as she enjoyed her chocolate "da-dart" this morning!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Cookie Hug

CJ and I made bar chocolate chip cookies last night. Sorry Uncle Doug, but don't worry, we will enjoy them for you too!
He looks so serious doesn't he?

CJ was upset that my mixer got dusty from the flour so he polished it up for me. He's so helpful...

when he wants to be!!

And, of course, we had to taste test them when they were finished. CJ had to give Ry a "cookie hug" while eating. LOL.

Happy Friday everyone!