Thursday, May 7, 2009


I should first translate the title of this post. Da-dart would be pop-tart in Ry talk. Our kids live for pop-tarts. This morning when CJ wouldn't get out of bed Ry screamed upstairs to him, "Bubby, Da-Darts!!!". He finally came down only to argue that no, this week he wasn't in love with cherry pop-tarts, but chocolate. Which of course, we didn't buy this week. He finally settled on half the chocolate pop-tart I found in the pantry.

The best alternative for our kids, who change their minds constantly on which pop-tart is the best, would be a variety pack. But most of the variety packs I have found don't include chocolate FROSTED pop-tarts. It's all a big pop-tart conspiracy!!

Ry hopes you enjoy your day as much as she enjoyed her chocolate "da-dart" this morning!


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  1. da dart.............that's funny.That's as bad as your Uncle Joe saying DSBG for bananas!!!!