Monday, May 11, 2009

Tiny Piggies with Love

Hi all! Ry's hair is finally starting to grow so I attempted to put it in tiny pigtails yesterday. She hates the elastic bands so I used little butterfly clips. It took about 20 minutes, MANY m&m's and lots of playing in the bathroom sink to get the job done. Here is our outcome:
She kept them in all of about 15 minutes but she sure looked cute!

I had a great Mothers Day. CJ made me a the greatest gift ever at school:

It's hard read so here is what it says:
My mom is 15 years old.
My mom is the prettiest when she puts on dresses.
My mom likes to make cookies.
My mom always says to do something and I do it. (Nice try CJ!)
My mom is funny when she makes funny faces.

Thanks to my great husband and cute little kiddos for all you did for me! Everyday is my special day with you three!



  1. I'm sure your mom could find some pics of you just like ry's.She looks just like you.Love ya, Aunt wowo

  2. I think Ry was trying to tell you she was hungry.LOL Love yas,Aunt Wowo

    Man you had CJ at an early age.(LOL)
    Don't you love how they think???

  3. Aunt Cheryl-
    When Greg read that he asked CJ if Mom is 15 how old am I? He said 60, no wait my Pop is 60, you're 50. LOL!

  4. That's pretty good when he knows how old POP is, but not you guys.