Monday, June 8, 2009

T-ball Fun?

CJ had his first t-ball practice Saturday with Dad as the team coach. He was soooo not interested which is why my title has a question mark! When he did play he bat the best and threw the furthest. We watched our friends' girls on Saturday so I'm hoping he was just distracted because they were there. I hope! Here are the few pics I got of him helping dad and playing, um, sort of:

(He looks interested huh?!)

Wow! He's touching the ball!
Ry kept wanting to run out on the field with Daddy. Instead she helped handout uniforms to the team.
CJ was the only kid who didn't want to put his new t-shirt and hat on. Lord help me!! Go Tiny Tots Red Sox!!!


  1. Looks like some chick was checking him out in the the picture...just like them to check out the baseball players (i.e. see CWS in Omaha - that's the only reason many females attend)

  2. LOL! She wouldn't be a good girlfriend. She cried everytime her dad walked away from her!