Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Celebrations

We had a great weekend! Saturday we celebrated CJ's birthday. We met some of his friends at the "bounce place" and the kids ran around and bounced for almost two hours! They had so much fun. Then we had cake at our house. CJ got a new bike from Mom, Dad and Ry.
He had only one accident but got right back on!
The kids were super excited to give Greg his Fathers Day gifts. I took them a couple weeks ago to a place called the Painted Zebra. I let them pick out what they wanted to paint for Dad and what colors they liked. Here is CJ's:
CJ told Dad the bowl was for his popcorn or ice cream. I would like to say he painted the #1 Dad on the bowl, but his very unartistic Mom did it :-)

Here is Ry's:

She loves to paint. The only problem was when I tried to smooth out her globs of paint, she would scream "no Mommy" REALLY.LOUDLY. Everyone in the place would look at us. Good thing she's so cute!!

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