Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi all! My first post.....breathe. LOL. I'm nervous and excited!

I decided to start this blog to keep in touch with our family that can't be here everyday. We love you guys! This blog will be all about our crazy kids CJ and Ry and maybe some rants of mine or Greg's from time to time. The blog is perfectly titled as our house is pretty much constant chaos, but filled with kisses for our two cuties.

CJ is 3 almost 4 and always has something entertaining to say!

Ry is 19 months old. She is our sweet and sassy girl. She keeps her big brother in his place!

Ok, boring first post, I know, I know. I promise a more interesting post soon!


  1. I love how this just screams you and Stampin' Up! This will be great to keep up with you guys at a quick glance. Maybe we can get you as many followers as Matt and Maddy....

  2. Hello Johnson Family!! What a great looking blog page. It's a great way to have family and friends stay in touch. We have one for the Van Maaren side. Duane is in the process of making one for the Matthess side. :) The kids are so cute and Jocelyn and Greg you look good too!! I hope you are doing fine. Thank you for sharing your blog page with me. Take care...stay in touch.