Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Greg!

Friday was Greg's birthday, Happy Belated Birthday Babe! CJ wanted to have a "surprise party" for Dad so we made him a cake while he was playing softball Thursday night. When Friday came I had to explain to CJ when you tell the person ahead of time about the surprise party it isn't much of a surprise. LOL. Here is Greg blowing out his candles at his "surprise party" with a little help of course:

Saturday Greg headed to Iowa City to see the Hawkeyes beat the Arizona Wildcats. Go Hawks!! While him and Uncle Doug were having a good time, my Dad came over to watch the kids while I painted the basement bathroom. Greg hates to paint so I figured I would tackle it myself while he was gone. Dad also helped me finish some of the trim in the shower. I think it looks great. What do you think?

At least I feel like I accomplished something on our never ending to-do list!

CJ spent the night with Pop and Nana last night and Ms. Ry wasn't pleased. What can make everything better? A popsicle of course!


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