Friday, August 20, 2010

It's official - he's a kindergartener!!

It seems like only yesterday we brought home our little 5 lb. 13 oz baby boy and now he's a kindergartener! The first day of school went great! He actually let us take him to school since we promised he could ride the bus home. We got a picture in front of his classroom:

And with his teacher Mrs. Shininger:

I have to say how proud it makes me and Greg that CJ was not scared at all. He was so excited and when we left we gave him hugs and told him to have a great day. He just smiled real big and said bye Mom, bye Dad! We are so proud of you bud! We know you are going to have a GREAT year!!
I promise to start updating the blog more (I think I said that in the last post which was a month ago?!). We have been busy getting ready for school, work has been busy with year-end closing AND I'm training for my first half marathon. In December I'm Memphis bound to run the St. Jude's half. Wish me luck!!

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