Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We had a great weekend. We didn't have a whole lot of plans which was nice.

T-ball went great on Saturday! The kids were excited to play and really played well. The weather was decent instead of disgustingly hot like it had been so I think that helped. CJ hit one over the other teams' heads. I say it was definitely a home run!! Good job CJ!

Later that afternoon I took CJ to see Ice Age at the theater. I didn't know until we got there it was in 3D. It was so much more expensive, $16.50 for him and me at a 1:00 show. Ok, I think that's expensive maybe it's not. We don't go to movies very often. And seriously, for a kids movie, why are all the glasses the same size. CJ looked terribly uncomfortable in them, but he kept them on most of the time. The movie had some scary dinosaurs and in 3D they were coming off the screen at us. At one point he said, Mom I'm tired we should probably go home. LOL. He sat a little closer to me and then he was fine. He really liked the movie. It's all he could talk about the rest of the day.

Of course CJ wouldn't let me take a pic of him in the 3D glasses, but "Ms. Cheese" was all for it.

I told you the glasses were huge!! Have a good rest of the week!


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