Monday, July 20, 2009

July? More like October!

The weather in the STL was amazing this weekend! The high Saturday was only 72! It was more like Fall than Summer. We enjoyed most of our weekend outside.

CJ had a t-ball game Saturday morning. Three of his teammates were on vacation so the Red Sox only had four players! The other team was late so by the time the game started our team had been practicing for a half hour. After two innings this kids were exhausted so we cut our losses and told the other coach the kids were done. I guess if we kept score this would have been a forfeit!

Later Saturday afternoon we went to Grant's Farm. Apparently everyone else in the STL had the same idea! We had lots of traffic and LONG waits, but the kids were good and had a great time. CJ and Ry even pet a snake! No thanks!! Ry loved all the animals. I didn't get as many pics as I would like because the batteries died in my camera. Go figure.

Here is Ry pointing at the turtles. The one turtle liked her and kept moving closer to her. He would move to her and she would jump back about a foot!

The macaws were really loud and Ry thought they were hilarious.

This is the snake they pet. I'm sure CJ is asking the girl a ton of questions in this pic.

In other news, Ry went on the potty last night and again this morning. Yea Ry bear!! She's getting so big!


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