Monday, August 3, 2009

CJ's Status: Shots Survived

CJ survived! I told him about 2 minutes before he got shots that he was getting them. His response: Mom, what's a shot?! I knew he wouldn't know! Unfortunately, he will remember for the next round. Through sobs, after getting stuck twice he told me, "I don't like shots".

The kids had a blast at the Magic House. It was totally packed and after 2 and a half hours Dad and I were exhausted! I packed a picnic lunch for us to eat before we went in. Of course all the picnic tables were full and there was no good place to spread our blanket so they ate in the back of the Saturn. I felt bad, but as you can see they didn't mind.

CJ went down the 3 story slide. Talk about stressful! I had to run down 3 flights of very narrow stairs to get to the end before him!
They loved all of the wooden instruments

and the balls that were floating on air (yeah - I have no idea what the technical name of it is).

CJ's favorite was the contruction zone. The place was insanely full of kids so I didn't get any pictures, but they could carry styroform up for the building and dig in gravel. There was even a real bobcat they could play on!

My favorite part? This sign:

As always, CJ is above average!

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