Friday, August 7, 2009

Johnson Family Drama

Yesterday as I was leaving my office a friend from the department across the hall told me he saw someone back into my car and drive off. Of course, because of my luck, there was damage to my car! My friend now known as GS (good samaritan) followed her and got her license plate number. GS you are the best! He hung out with me until campus police arrived and told them what he saw. Crazy part of the story...she's parked in the same spot today!! I am now waiting on the detective to call me with her name (in the mean time I went down and took pics of her car's damage on my palm:-)

I work at a large university with multiple cameras, security swipe cards and parking passes that require license plate numbers...did she really think she would get away with it?

On a happier note, CJ told this hilarious story about tacos at school yesterday. He said him and his friends were "super excited" to have tacos yesterday. Mason (his friend) said Ms. Barb bought them at Taco Bell, but CJ "knew they were made special for them". Haha. I would loved to have heard the actual conversation.

Happy Friday!


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  1. First, that taco story had to be funny! Kids have the best thoughts about EVERYTHING. :-) Second, that's crazy about the car! Thank goodness for honest people that want to help others. Hope you get the biggest apology EVER...and the money to fix your car out of her.