Monday, August 31, 2009

Fevers, fireflies, fotos and fights! Oh my!

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday afternoon I got a call from daycare that CJ had a fever. Once I got him home and got some ibuprofen in him he seemed better the rest of the weekend. He did complain of a headache here and there.

CJ was feeling better Saturday evening so I got the bright idea for us to catch fireflies (or lightening bugs as CJ prefers they be called). The kids were all excited with the jars Daddy got ready for them:

For some reason the idea of putting lightening bugs in pickle jars was hilarious to CJ! After getting them all excited we saw two, yes TWO lightening bugs! Greg said it was probably too chilly out. We did get some good pics while we were waiting for the dark though.

The fighting part of my title came on Sunday when the kids starting fighting the minute they got up. By noon Greg and I were ready to pull our hair out!! Good thing it was nice, we took them outside where we hoped they would wear themselves out and lose their frustrations. It worked!
Hope you had a great weekend!

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